Easy Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes

These pancakes are tasty and grain and dairy free.  The addition of banana or plantains adds carbohydrates to help fuel your morning and these fruits are in the mid-range for raising your blood sugar (moderate glycemic index), so there will be more of a gradual rise in blood sugar instead of a spike.  The addition of eggs will lower this effect even more since you are adding protein and fat  both of which have very little impact on raising blood sugar.   Coconut flour contains protein, fat, and fiber plus some minerals and will also keep the blood sugar in check. 


Maple syrup has an above moderate glycemic index (but less than white potatoes believe it or not).  By adding tahini (made from sesame seeds), we add protein and fat, some beneficial minerals and lower the glycemic index of the syrup creating a tasty and healthful version of a traditional breakfast food that won’t spike your blood sugar.  Keeping your blood sugar from constantly being elevated will lower your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney and cardiovascular diseases and will likely also help you manage your weight.


Recipe (makes about 8 3” pancakes)


2 eggs

1 banana or plantain, peel removed ( I use just past green bananas or a ripe plantain.  Green plantains are hard to blend.  They need to have black spots on the peel to work).

1/8 tsp. salt

2 Tbsp coconut flour

½ cup milk alternative ( I use almond)


Blend all ingredients together using a food processor, mixer, or blender.  Mixture should be like a thick pancake batter.


Warm the pan (on med-low heat) and add ½ tsp coconut oil or other preferred oil or use a non-stick pan and no oil.  Ladle ¼ cup batter onto pan and cook until edges are easy to lift with a spatula (1-2 min).  Flip pancake and cook other side about a minute until lightly browned.  Pancakes will be a little more delicate than ones made with flours, so be careful while turning them over.


Maple-tahini glaze (makes one serving so increase per # of people you are serving)


1 Tbsp per person pure maple syrup (avoid any other types of artificial syrups)

1 Tbsp per person tahini


Mix together and warm before serving.


Optional: add some fruit, chopped nuts.  Or add 2 Tbsp. flax seed meal (in the batter) for fiber and omega fatty acids.  Shown here are wild blueberries – very low in sugar and high in antioxidants. 

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Pancakes that are satisfying and nourishing without dairy and gluten.

Pancakes that are satisfying and nourishing without dairy and gluten.