These are cookbooks I own and use regularly. I buy books that focus on lots of vegetables as this food category can be the most difficult for people to get enough of. For my clients on modified diets, I will make personal recommendations for cookbooks, or share my own recipes that I have adapted or developed from scratch. Getting into the kitchen is often the best thing we can do for our health. Making time to prepare wholesome meals with plenty of plant based foods is a choice! Becoming a good cook is something that is not hard to cultivate if you have a little inspiration and motivation. And, once you begin feeling better, because you are eating better, there is no going back!

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I am on a mission to truly help people trying to move away from the standard American diet, which is not a healthy one, but one we have been bombarded with over the past few decades. This diet, along with other lifestyle factors, has contributed to a massive increase in chronic disease. Please let your friends know about this site so I can reach more people.