My Mission: To help my clients experience the power of food as medicine and to foster a love affair with living in balance.

How I work with you

My services begin with an evaluation of your current nutrition status, your personal goals, your medical (if applicable) diagnoses/symptoms, medications, supplements, diet, and lifestyle factors.  From this evaluation, a plan for better health is designed with you.  Sometimes this means just some fine-tuning of one’s diet, other times, it’s a complete overhaul of diet, environment, and lifestyle.  You are given a compass for getting back on your way to better health.  Tools that you may need are identified that will help you along the way.  Recommendations for tests or additional care may be provided so that you can coordinate your care with other health care providers. Fundamentally, I help you examine and fix what could be keeping you from experiencing maximum health.  This is personalized nutrition.

I offer three types of consulting services: Wellness, Complex, and Ongoing Coaching Nutrition Packages. For those wanting to get a fresh start in the kitchen, I offer a Pantry Overhaul service as well.  

Please see my inquires and appointment page if you have questions about any of my services and how I may help you.


About me

I grew up learning to garden and cook alongside my mother who taught me to value home cooking with quality ingredients.  In my teen years, I grew interested in the science of nutrition and health and decided to pursue degrees in clinical nutrition after a short stint in business (Dole Foods) and running a K-12 nutrition education grant program through the U.S. Department of Education. I obtained my undergraduate and graduate degrees from California State Universities.  I completed my dietetic internship at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and from there, moved to the New York area where I worked with people with significant immune and gastrointestinal problems primarily, as well as a variety of other conditions.  In addition, I was a co-investigator for a nutrition intervention trial that evaluated feeding modalities in AIDS patients with wasting syndrome. I am certified in Intuitive Eating, a method to help those who struggle with issues around food and body image. Recently, I became Board Certified in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, or as I refer to it: investigative nutrition.  In my spare time, I develop recipes designed to harness the power of health promoting phytonutrients (see the Kitchen Inspiration tab). For activity, I mountain bike, run, practice yoga, and volunteer for arts and social service organizations. I find food and nature captivating, with one nourishing the body and the other the soul.  Most of the photographs on this site are mine, taken in my kitchen or my travels. Life is a gift - live it well!

Laura Fogleman, MS, RDN, IFNCP Registered Dietitian & Integrative Medicine Nutrition Therapist

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Where I work - I have a virtual and home care practice.  For home visits in Michigan, please include your zip code on my contact form (in appointment tab).  For virtual visits, also please complete my contact form to determine if I can practice in your state.


386 B40 Garden July 1974 (1).jpg

c. 1974. My mom working in the family garden, maybe looking for moles!

A garden connects people with their food and their health.  I recommend one for everyone.  Children learn to love what they grow too.  It's one of their first lessons in health if they are fortunate to have a garden growing up.  To read more, see the April 2, 2017 post in Better Living Today, the blog.